The Legend of Polloman Concept Art


I am traveling on a research trip to Yucatan and Mexico city to study the ancient pyramids and culture for my comic. You can help me here!

Below are illustrations and concept art for my upcoming Mexican Fantasy Adventure comic, The Legend of Polloman, about a Chicken warrior and magic Roach on a journey to defeat Mexican folktale creatures that threaten the fantasy world of Mezzico, and the real world. Discovering magic marbles along the way will aid them in battle with creatures such as La Llorona, El Cucuy, and El Chupacabra. This comic book is part of an effort to expose a greater audience to aspects of Mexican history, folklore, and culture.

These stories were told to my generation of kids to scare them away from misbehaving or staying out late and there wasn’t a single Hispanic person who didn’t know about them. I want to be able to retell these stories through my own vision in hopes of not only entertaining, but educating the next generation on the beautiful culture Mexico has to offer.

The first chapter of the comic is set to release in fall 2017.

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Colored illustrations by The Legend of Polloman Colorist, Grace Chadwick

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