The Legend of Polloman


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What is Polloman?

It’s a Mexican folklore adventure comic series about a timid boy who learns to overcome his childhood fears and vanquish 6 terrifying legends including La Llorona, El Cucuy, and El Chupacabras.

SUMMARY: After encountering El Raton De Dientes (The Mexican tooth fairy), cowardly Emanuel gets thrust into the underworld of Mictlan where La Llorona, El Cucuy, and other folktales exist. Saved by La Cukaracha, a fire mage, he discovers his human heart is the key in vanquishing the 6 terrifying Legends and saving the world of the living and the dead. Becoming Polloman the chicken warrior, he must now travel the land collecting magic granting marbles and conquering his childhood fears if he ever hopes to see his father again.

MISSION: This All Age comic is a part of an effort to expose a greater audience to the Folklore, Culture, and History of Mexico through a coming of age story for young Latinos to relate to. The comic is in process of being adapted into games, toys, and other merchandise in order to reach out in all forms of media.

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RELEASE DATE: FALL 2017 as my graduating BFA thesis from Lamar University and will be available in both digital and print form. If you would like to receive an email when it releases you can sign up for my newsletter. Also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram @Gonzzink to see daily sketches and other updates!


Read the 4pg Teaser below or on WEBTOONS or TAPASTIC!

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The Cast

The main characters in The Legend of Polloman. They must work together to defeat the six Leyendas.

THE SIX LEYENDAS (the six legends)

These are the six Leyendas based on real Mexican folklore stories. These creatures are powerful enough to go in-between worlds and terrorize both Humans and Muertos.  Polloman and Cuka must work together to find and vanquish these terrible beast.

Concept Art 

Concept art of the many characters, creatures, and locations in the Polloman universe.


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