The Legend of Polloman Comic Teaser

A teaser comic for my upcoming Mexican Fantasy Adventure series to release Fall 2017. 

The Legend of Polloman is a Mexican Fantasy Adventure about a cowardly Mexican boy and his magic roach companion who must conquer childhood fears, travel mystical lands, and discover powerful marbles to defeat Latin american folktale creatures. This comic is part of an effort to expose a greater audience to aspects of Mexican history, folklore, and culture.

I am very inspired by Berserk, the Dark Souls series, Steven Universe, and Inuyasha so if you like any of those things you might like this!

Click the image to start reading or read it on Tapastic  or Webtoons for a larger viewing experience!

Thank you so much for reading!

If you liked the teaser and would like to support or follow this project you can:

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  • Buy prints from my store or make a small donation below!


I’m going on a research trip to Yucatan and Mexico city to further develop the comic to prepare for it’s world release this fall. If you would like to contribute you can do so here!



Learn about some of the characters in the world and the main boss creatures based on actual latin american folktales below.

Polloman and Cuka

These two are the main characters in the world of Mezzico, and must work together to defeat the legendary monstros.


These are the 6 boss creatures that threaten the real world and the world of Mezzico which Polloman must find and defeat. These designs were created based on the stories I heard growing up and researching other versions.

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