The Legend of Polloman Concept Art

Below is finished concept art for The Legend of Polloman, my Mexican Fantasy Adventure comic. You can check out the teaser comic here and purchase prints here!

The story follows a cowardly Mexican boy whose heart holds the power to defeat Latin folklore creatures and must now face childhood fears, travel mystical lands, and collect powerful marbles in hopes of saving the world of the living and the dead.

This page includes illustrations of creatures, locations, and characters that are part of the Mexican fantasy world of Mezzico. Follow me on instagram and twitter @Gonzzink to see daily sketches and updates!

The six Leyendas  (The six Legends)

These are the six Leyendas, creatures powerful enough to go in-between worlds that terrorize both Humans and Muertos. To save this world and his own, Polloman and Cuka must work together to find and kill these monsters, although the journey will be just as difficult.

The Alebrije’s

Alebrije’s are the many magical creatures that inhabit the world of Mezzico. Each creature holds a powerful marble that provide magical abilities ranging from fire blasts to invisibility. Warriors of this world hunt them down to become powerful enough to defeat a Legend.

A fire breathing fire ant with some sharp chompers. They can swarm you in an instant and are the size of a small dog.

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