“Borders” Indie Game/ Art Installation

Download and play on Windows and Mac for free and or donate at :
You can also support the game installation by purchasing merchandise here!
Covered by:
Huffington Post                TELEMUNDO
 PRESURA                            UNIVISION
MITU’                                    DESPIERTA AMERICA
Currently installed at:
Sol Gallery in Lamar University’s Art Department in Beaumont, TX


Borders is a political art game created not only to exhibit video games as an art form but to portray the dangers Mexican immigrants face in order to give the next generation a better future. Players attempt to cross the border while avoiding La Migra (border patrol) and staying hydrated. The place where every player dies is permanently recorded into the video game’s world, represented by a skeleton. This universal symbol communicates where players should be careful as well as simulates the large death toll claimed by Mexico’s deserts.

Made in a 7 day long gamejam with two first time game developers, Gonzalo and Jon,and 1 veteran, Genaro.

Gonzalo Alvarez- Artist, Creative Director, Art Direction, Animator, Game Designer

Jon DiGiacomo -Engineer, Level Designer

Genaro Vallejo Reyes- Game,Level, and Sound Designer

I was in charge of the overall game design, art direction, animation, and the art assets.

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