“Borders” Indie Game


“Borders” is a stealth based game where players must walk in the shoes of an immigrant and experience the dangerous journey of crossing the border in hopes of a better life. Players must avoid (La Migra) border patrol and the extreme heat of the desert by moving through bushes and staying hydrated by finding water. The game is based off the stories told by parents and grandparents about their struggles crossing over to provide a better life for our generation.

Made in a 7 day long gamejam with two first time game developers, Gonzalo and Jon,and 1 veteran, Genaro.

Gonzalo Alvarez- Artist, Creative Director, Art Direction, Animator, Game Designer

Jon DiGiacomo -Engineer, Level Designer

Genaro Vallejo Reyes- Game,Level, and Sound Designer

Borders is a video game about the struggles immigrants must go through on their dangerous journey towards a better life. In the game players must avoid the border patrol and also stay hydrated to survive the extreme heat of the desert.
I was in charge of the overall game design, art direction, animation, and the art assets.
Download and play on Windows and Mac for free at :

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