Promo Art for my Prehistoric Hunting Game Paleo Hunter.

Paleo Hunter: My Journey as an Artist creating my first Big Indie Game

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Promo Art for my Prehistoric Hunting Game Paleo Hunter.


So in one semester I was able to accomplish something I didn’t think possible. Complete a prototype of a game I have been designing for over 2 years! Thanks to the help of my new friend and programmer, I was able to bring to life the artwork I spent the entire semester creating. I not only want to document the process of our development on my blog, but also show you the behind the scenes work. Coming from a traditional art background to a game art and game design has been quite an experience. I always knew I wanted to make video games, and now I finally get to live that dream, but not without facing many many challenges. 

Translation Mistake, Miyazaki and Miura collaboration not Happening


This is going to be short and sweet. I want to apologize to everyone who has been a part of this mess.

Yes I did visit FromSoftware, and Hakusensha and spoke with the editor of Berserk. I have received an email and realize that I had made a huge mistake in my translation from Japanese to English.