About Me


Gonzalo Alvarez, raised in Port Arthur, TX, is a Latino Illustrator, Game Designer, and Creative Director/Founder of Macua Studios. Despite growing up in a low-income household and confining community of his small town, he pursued a BFA in Drawing at Lamar University and has been bringing to life quirky characters and whimsical worlds for his comics and video games.

After directing his first game Borders, a game about immigration inspired by his parents stories, the game received international attention and featured on Univision, Telemundo, Washington Post and many others leading to its invitation to Sheffield Doc/Fest Alternative Realities, Indiecade’s Showcase at E3 2017, and a PBS show to air in 2017. Macua Studios was soon founded, and he is now directing his second project.

With a passion for the Mexican folklore and culture he grew up with, he is creating his upcoming thesis and comic series, The Legend of Polloman, a Mexican fantasy adventure about a cowardly boy whose heart holds the power to defeat Latin folklore creatures. Dealing with bullying, isolation, and cultural barriers, he hopes to create an exciting and relatable universe for young latino’s dealing with the same issues.

A bit more about me:

Much of my illustration influences come from an early fascination with the creepy fantastical stories of my Mexican culture along with the grotesque imagery of Saturday morning cartoons, Tim Burton, and Kentaro Miura.

Growing up, I also had an obsession with the rules and mechanics of video games ,board games, and collectible card games, and remember designing games on paper as early as 8 years old. This has contributed to my current work in the field of game design.

My goals are to mend both of my passion and skillsets for art and game design to create beautiful 2D worlds alongside fun and engaging gameplay.
My next video game project consist of Paleo Hunter a 4-player capture the flag style game, set in a prehistoric time where tribes hunt and battle for food.

I have traveled abroad to Japan and enjoy traveling among others things like playing video games, public speaking, and creating.
If you are interested in commissions for a project,  press inquiries, or just simply saying hello, feel free to email me at: gonzaloalvarez.artist@gmail.com