Hurricane Harvey: Getting Back on Track!

Hurricane Harvey (1) (1)

Hello everyone, so I have been out of touch with updates because unfortunately our house was severely affected by the hurricane. We had to be saved from our porch with a boat and we lost most of our furniture and irreplaceable belongings. This sucks mainly because we just started our last semester which also happens to be thesis semester for graduation!

Thankfully we set up a relief fund to help us get back on track as soon as possible and the generosity has been outstanding. We have been able to repair our walls, floors, and get a couch so we can finally get back to sleeping in our own house. However, there is still much left to replace and repair including things like cooking pans, food cabinet, dressers, ect. If you are interested in helping out you can donate to our youcaring page by clicking below:

Gonzalo and Grace Relief Fund 

Polloman is still under works however and he is safe. I am working on it for my thesis and am going to be extremely busy, but I’ll try to keep everyone updated. Thank you in advance for all your support for Polloman, my work, and all my other endeavors. We are truly grateful.

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