Research Trip To Mexico!

So this year I decided that research trip to Mexico would be a much needed experience to have the inspiration, reference imagery, and experiences needed to make my upcoming thesis comic, The Legend of Polloman, the best it could possibly be. I have gone to Mexico in the past, but never anywhere that I could truly experience the beauty of it’s culture.

I traveled with my muse Grace Chadwick and my father to Yucatan and Mexico City along with small stops to visit the Archaeological sites from the Mayans, Aztecs, and other indigenous tribes as well as the modern day culture of Mexico. I have uncovered many of my roots and I’m excited to share with you our experience and whats to come.

Merida, Yucatan


The first day after arriving to Merida we decided to visit the beautiful pyramids of Mayapan!



City things! We spent most of our time at sites but here are some interesting things from our visit to the city.



Our visit to the Pyramids of Uxmal! These had many more sites than the last and I still can’t believe these beautiful monuments were made so long ago.



We weren’t going to miss out on the nearby chocolate Museum ;)



The Cenotes of Homun!

Mexico City



The Aztec gardens! These were essentially large rafts with dirt on top to grow crops and now they have overgrown into beautiful gardens.



We climbed the pyramid of the Sun and Moon and while on top of the biggest one, it rained and hailed on us … Tlaloc wasn’t to happy.. We also visited it’s nearby museum!



We visited Mexico City’s central plaza and the beautiful Spanish cathedral nearby.



Seeing the sinking city of Tenochtitlan and the amazing sculptures of the Aztecs and Mayans were so inspirational. I can’t explain how it feels to be standing in front of one of these monuments other than it’s magical. It really feels like it’s own fantasy universe.



We visited a nearby town with my uncle and found a beautiful plaza.


Our last stop before the airport was to visit my grandparents. I was able to show Grace around the town my parents were from as well as meet my Grandfather who is unfortunately sick. Funny story- Ever since he took me to the hospital after being bitten by a rat ( I like grabbing animals as a kid…) I’ve been obsessed with rats. Thanks Grandpa for being an inspiration in my life.


There are many more photos taken, but these are the ones that hold very fond memories. This trip was life changing and I thank all the people who helped me make this possible through supporting my work by purchasing it or donating. I have all the photos I am going to need to make my thesis comic, Polloman, as accurate, inspired, and interesting as possible and I cannot wait to begin my last semester of my college career.


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