Small Town Artist to Game Developer at E3!

It’s all a blur that I was just showing my game at E3, the biggest game show in the world. It was only last year that I thought to myself ” I seriously want to make games but I have no idea how”. On a whim I flew to Indicate East, met two awesome guys, did a game jam, and here we are now showing the game in Los Angeles and the UK. 

I met so many great people, developers, artist, press, and I couldn’t of had a better time. To be next to so many great game developers was an honor and I learned so much about the game industry. Seeing the show I had watched every year growing up in person was surreal and it was a lot more tiring than I would have expected as a younger naive me. Haha 
This was really a business trip, there was no real time to even leave your booth so I was at E3 and I didn’t even know what games were being announced. I was on my feet all day (literally). Got some muscle back atleast. 

Getting to see my friend Jon, the guy who programmed most of Borders, was awesome. I had met him one time in my life a year ago at Indicade East and now here we were showing our game. 

I worked really hard to get here. I had to learn so many new things and it was really frustrating to self teach myself since my school doesn’t do game art or game design classes. It all payed off in the end and although the there is still WAY more to learn, I am finally proud to say I accomplished what I did.

Never in my life would I have thought I’d be on major news outlets talking about a video game I made. Anything is possible and I will continue to work towards being a creative director of my own game studio. ( and getting paid full time is the next objective haha)


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