Bucket List: E3 Check

I still remember as a kid that the beginning of June wasn’t awesome just because it meant it was summer, but because E3 would start and I would nerd over all the new games that would come out. In fact I was such a nerd I would invite my friends over, a la superbowl, and just enjoy it all day.

Now today, I’m packing my bags to be at that very same event. Not as a visitor either, but as a game developer.

I flew to Indiecade East NY in 2016 without a single idea on how I could actually start making games. I tried learning programs like Gamemaker and Unity, but with how busy I was with my art career,school, and work, it would take me ages to learn how to code myself. My first time in the big city, and my first time away from my hometown of Port Arthur, TX. I couldn’t imagine what it could be like to be at a game event, and it exceeded my expectations. There I saw awesome arcade cabinets created by other game developers and I seriously hoped that one day I could have my own game in an arcade cabinet. The cabinet to the game, is like the frame to a canvas, it just completes the experience and really elevates it from just a tv and a keyboard.

After meeting the two awesome friends I met there, I came back home to start on our first game, and after creating a cabinet for it, that game went on to not only get me on TV, but get me selected for Indiecade’s E3 showcase.

It’s funny how much can happen in a year. If you see someone or something you want to be, go be that person. Just take every step necessary and never give up. It’s just a ladder with many steps, but it’ll get you somewhere that’s for sure.



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