Borders at AustinThinkery21!

Hello everyone, I hope to have more time to blog about Borders and all my other endeavors now that schools officially over till next semester!


So Borders is finally going to show at it’s first of many events today at 7-10pm at the Austin Thinkery21: Texas event! The event brings over 600 people and we will have a booth with the game, merchandise, and more to promote Borders and hopefully make some money to help with it’s future travel cost to E3.

Below are some of the signs I will have at the event!

Borders sign for austin

Borders now has a new website and I’m very excited to show people the game and tell them the story of the hardships my parents and many parents I of friends I know went through.  I still can’t believe that the game has gotten this much attention being that it was my FIRST game and was made in 7 days. There are so many things I would love to go back and change, but it’ll have to do!

Borders Prices

So for the event I stayed up and re made some shirts and also got some stickers going! This merchandise is available on my store and each purchase and download of the game helps with the travel cost, so even if you can’t make it to the event you can still help out! (Shipping the cabinet to its next location is like $200!! Outrageous..)

I’ll be posting pictures of the show tomorrow and sharing how it went. Again thanks to everyone who has helped sofar, (you know who you are!) and more stuff coming your way.



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