BORDERS and Polloman Fundraiser!

This Saturday April 15th I will be selling my newly printed off art work at the No Brow Art: Second Annual Preying Mantis Arts Fest! All the art purchased at the event go towards my two trips, Mexico and England. Both of these could seriously change my professional career as both my projects have gotten some attention in the areas!



Borders was selected into the THIRD LARGEST documentary film festival in the WORLD! I can’t say more till May 4th, but it’s in England, brings in over 35,500 people including big name producers, and I don’t want to miss this opportunity.

The Legend of Polloman comic/franchise is my Thesis this fall and my professional career project so I’ve created a summer research trip to study the Aztec Pyramids and museums in MEXICO CITY! This trip could seriously provide the inspiration and experiences to make this the successful project I believe it can be! (Also its been mentioned on international television so I can’t disappoint.. haha)

Both of these trips will push forward my professional career and put me where I need to be in order to be a successful video game designer and creative director! So please come out and support these trips and if you can’t make it out look forward to seeing these in my shop!

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