BORDERS: How I Got Famous Overnight and Borders in England?!


BORDERS, my first video game ever created thanks to the help of two amazing friends,  has had a RIDICULOUS amount of press coverage in the past 2 months because of its relevancy to immigration. In this simple retro style game, you attempt to cross the Mexican-US Border by avoiding Border Patrols and staying hydrated. The game was installed as an Art Installation thanks to a grant from Lamar University which you can check out in my Portfolio! This is the last week it will be in the Sol Gallery, but its definitely moving somewhere else. Let me tell you how it all started.

The Email that started it All:

I was in Austin for a Design Thinking Field trip with my Graphic Design class and I saw on twitter that some small article was written about the art installation I created for BORDERS and all I though was “Okay cool”! The next day however I checked my email and in my inbox was the Huffington Post asking for a bunch of answers to some questions within the hour. I was ecstatic, confused, and nervous all at the same time as we were on a bus and didn’t have a laptop. Long story short, I ended up sending it at the last second using my phone as a hotspot and writing it on a peer’s laptop.( The day I learned how to use hotspot..)

The game since then has now been covered in the Huffington Post, Washington Post, NOW THIS, Telemundo just to name a few. (Seriously there are so many that I can’t remember so you can check out the rest here) It has been very exhausting getting famous while going to school full-time and working part-time and so some of those interviews I was running on 4 hours of sleep haha

Here is the most recent and best video in English to see what it’s all about and the personal story behind the game. I am honored to have had so much coverage and am glad that I was able to create something that has an impact.


Borders Public Art Installation:

So the art installation was the reason the game became so relevant because I used the video game medium to communicate this serious message rather than per say a drawing, picture, ect. In the game, everytime a player dies, a skeleton is permanently left behind in the game’s map which means future players see every single skeletons of those who died. I am currently at 1070 deaths and below is a video of what 970 skeletons look like.


Through demand, we decided to create a mobile version of the game available for android and soon IOS so make sure to support the game if you can!


What’s Next?:

All this coverage has been very helpful in my career and in fact Borders has a HUGE curated gallery it will be going to next! I am literally under strict embargo from announcing for which one, but it will be in good ole England!!!


I will release official information as soon as I’m allowed to, but the goal is to ship off the installation as well as fly over to attend the event which would be a HUGE step for my career.

To fund this trip every purchase of the mobile game( I know you have a smartphone!), the computer game, and merchandise helps. I will have an official fundraiser for it soon as well, but keep getting the word out because every little bit helps!! Hope you enjoyed getting some behind the scenes stuff and more updates will come soon.

How You Can Help:

I will make it easy for you with links!!

You can buy the Android game, donate and or download the PC/MAC game, or purchase some cool merchandise.

Thank’s again and I can’t wait to see where all this leads me in my goal to become a Creative Director!






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