SXSW Gaming! Boothing for Kitfox Studios, Speaking on Canadian NPR, and playing awesome games!

So it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve returned from SXSW and I really need to get back into blog posting. It’s been a long time since the last, but I’ll start with SXSW. Prepare for a lot of updates soon and please consider signing up for my newsletter  if you want to stay up to date with all of my doings!

I was able to attend SXSW Gaming for the first time in my life and boy was I excited! The last and first gaming Expo I went to was Indiecade 2016 and that was before I was a wee little artist with no experience whatsoever in game development. Now while attending SXSW gaming, I have a video game, BORDERS, which has gotten international attention and a second video game in progress, Paleo Hunter! All in less than a year all while going to school full-time. Anything is possible!! Indiecade 2016 changed my life after meeting my two friends and developers, Genaro Reyes and Jon DiGiacomo, and I urge anyone wanting to get into game development to go to one of these events. Anyway I’ll try to keep the post short and sweet.


I tried submitting both Borders and Paleo Hunter to a student showcase competition and a pitch competition, but sadly neither got chosen. That’s okay though it hasn’t even been a year since my first video game was developed and I know I’ll have a better chance next year.

So I had the amazing opportunity to be a volunteer for Kitfox Games Booth!




These guys are the creators of the awesome action RPG Moon Hunters and I was showing off their new game , The Shrouded Isles, a cult leader simulator. Basically you are the leader of a village and you must play a sort of guess who game and find out who’s trying to get smart and intelligent and weed them out by sacrificing them. Interesting game mechanics and a fitting art style.

shrouded isles.jpg


I hate that I didn’t take a lot of pictures, but my phone was dead half the time so I can only retell it in words! (Use your imaginations) Basically I was able to meet a lot of awesome game developers doing exactly what I’m hoping to be doing, an was able to play their games! Some of my favorite were Invisigun heroes, a bomberman-like game but you’re invisible. Seriously this game is a load of fun and was one of my favorite multiplayer video games.Invisigun-Heroes-1.png


Tooth and Nail was another one of my favorite games that mixed startcraft gameplay but simplified it and added animal factions with a gorgeous pixel art style. Seriously this game was a load of fun and I annoyed the guys at the booth so much haha


tooth and nail.jpg


The last game was a singleplayer metroidvania called Sundered that had the most amazing 2D artwork I had ever seen in a video game. Seriously the animations on this game are ridiculously impressive.




While at Indiecade I was able to also listen to a talk for the newly released Owlboy , and it was amazing to here some of the backstory behind the 10 years of development. Yes this game took them 10 years to make. Basically its a platformer with a whole lot of charm, gorgeous pixel art, and I really surprisingly dark and deep narrative influenced by their journey. I also learned that during the DPAD Studio sequence when starting up the game, one of the developers say’s “Jump”. That for some reason blew my mind haha




While there I was able to hangout with my awesome artist buddies and girlfriend from our Animation and Entertainment Design club who all had a great time! These people support me in all of my endeavors and I owe a lot to them for helping me out in so many ways.


While at SXSW I had a couple of awesome opportunities happen with my Borders indie game that has been receiving so much press. I was able to get on Canadian NPR as well as Mega de Torronto, another radio station. You can find the interviews here if you’re interested:

The week was a tiring one, but in the end this trip was totally worth it. I learned so much more about the game industry through personal conversations with some of the great developers I was able to meet while having fun at the same time. I can’t wait to be sitting in my own booth next year showing off Paleo Hunter ;)


Some of the awesome places I recommend to eat at are Spartan Pizza and Daruma Ramen. Having gone to Japan I would say Daruma’s Ramen is actually pretty damn close to what I remember having so I definitely recommend it.

Another post about Borders and hopefully many more to come in hope of getting back into the habit of blogging more often. I do so much so fast that I’ts hard to find time to document it all, but I definitely want to make an effort in doing so. 1 Year from now, I want to be even closer to being a Creative Director, so follow me on my journey to do so!





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