Paleo Hunter Submitted to SXSW Gaming Pitch Competition!

New prototype gameplay video for Paleo Hunter with updated sprites, sound effects, music, and some tweaks on the game mechanics!

So school just started things are getting crazy, but that hasn’t stopped me from updating my game Paleo Hunter. This game will get finished and you will be able to play it one day and SXSW gaming’s Pitch Competition might be the first step!

Basically if I get selected based off the presentation for my game here, then I will get the opportunity to pitch my game to a veteran in the game industry to get professional feedback! That would be extremely helpful in making this the best game it could possibly be as well as give my game more exposure. So I’m hoping for the best and here are some of the updates I’ve done to polish it up for this submission.



Some awesome new promotional material as well showing off one of my favorite bosses, the Beezlebufo, a giant prehistoric toad (Okay it was a lot smaller in real life, but then it wouldn’t be as fun! )


There is a list that is way to big to remember, but slowly and surely this game is coming along. Meeting my programmer really changed my life as he is the one person who has been able to say this game is possible and make it happen.

Look forward to more updates in the future and can’t wait to find out if I made it into the competition or not!



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