Paleo Hunter: My Journey as an Artist creating my first Big Indie Game

Promo Art for my Prehistoric Hunting Game Paleo Hunter.


So in one semester I was able to accomplish something I didn’t think possible. Complete a prototype of a game I have been designing for over 2 years! Thanks to the help of my new friend and programmer, I was able to bring to life the artwork I spent the entire semester creating. I not only want to document the process of our development on my blog, but also show you the behind the scenes work. Coming from a traditional art background to a game art and game design has been quite an experience. I always knew I wanted to make video games, and now I finally get to live that dream, but not without facing many many challenges. 

Paleo Hunter actually started as an idea back in my History class when my teacher (one of the best teachers I ever had actually) was going over the ice age hunter-gatherers who would travel in packs to where the food was. These ice age tribes fought not only against the elements, but against other tribes to secure food for the night. This interest me so much that I started jotting down a game idea of this and here I am today working on it.

I reached out to someone in the past and we ended up not only creating a company, but also getting 6 other people on board to work on this project. I spent an entire year managing this idea and working with these people, but it never came to realization. There was no structure, there was more talk than work, lots of arguments and disagreements, and in the end, it was just not worth working with these people anymore. It became something else and  I decided to move on and find someone else to work with and here I am today.

I met my current programmer and friend during one of our Animation club meetings and pitched him my idea and he liked it! He accepted on making a prototype and by the end of the semester I was able to have a working prototype to show!

Below is all the artwork for the game I was able to finish that was also considered my drawing project for the semester. You can also find all the images in my portfolio. I work on the game every Sunday so I will try to post updates every Sunday :)

The splitscreen mockup.(Totally not the final artwork)

About the game:

Paleo Hunter is a hand-drawn local multiplayer brawler where two tribes of unique cavemen compete to hunt and return a large prehistoric creature to their hut, in a game of capture the flag. A la monster hunter, players will unlock new weapons based off the creatures they kill, as well as unlock new areas to find large creatures. The game will have multiple different characters for players to strategize and experiment with, and several locations to find new beast. It’s still a work in progress and being only my second game, things are moving slowly as I am completely in charge of all the art and animations at the moment. Also I have never animated before this so its a huuuge learning curve.

I have always admired fun couch coop experiences where you can just invite a friend over and play a game together, without the need for each to own the game. I also really love games like super smash bros. where anyone can pick up and play a game in less than 15 minutes. (I love monster hunter but I don’t usually have a whole hour to spend and so I end up putting it off) 


All the animation frames I did for the main character.









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