Portfolio Updated + Discount Sale!!!

3D work, Events, illustrations

So its been a while since I’ve posted, but I recently had time to get around and update my ceramic artwork, my artwork from japan, and my newest series Criatura Featura that was featured at my latest art show. Thank you to everyone who came and supported me seriously means a lot. For those who have not had a chance to see this work, check it out down below!

I also decided that as an after holloween special I wanted to do an art sale, So for the next week I will have my prints and other work available in my store for a HUGE DISCOUNT! I am running out of room to store it all and know that many of you have been interested in some of my prints and original works. If you are interested in some of the originals feel free to email or message me as I am willing to negotiate prices to get them into your homes!

The first 5 people to make a purchase on my online store and write a review, I will pack in something extra :)


Paleo Hunter: Indie Game Project

Below is all the artwork I created for an Indie Game I worked on during my fall semester of drawing class. I developed promotional art, screenshot mockups, character sprites, animations, and a working prototype on paper and digitally within the semester. The game is currently being developed. You can find the official project page here.…

The Legend of Polloman Concept Art

Below are illustrations and concept art for my upcoming Mexican Fantasy comic,  The Legend of Polloman, about a Chicken warrior and magic Roach travelling the land of Mezzico to defeat Mexican folktale creatures such as La Llorona, El Cucuy, and El Chupacabra. This comic book is part of an effort to expose a greater audience to…

Boss Monster

This series works on developing illustrative pieces influenced from the idea of boss monsters in video games. The work focuses on designing a dark fantasy universe with grotesque and uncanny creatures.

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