Pax Solaria & Animania: My First Indie Game Showcase and Local Anime Con!


September 24th 2016 was a busy day. There were two different events I had to get ready for , one local in Beaumont to sell my artwork, and the other in New York, New York to show off my very first video game! Being that they were both the first time for the events to take place, I just wanted to talk about my experience.


PAX Solaria:

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend myself, I had our awesome team of coders and level designers, Genaro Vallejo Reyes and Jon DiGiacomo presenting it however!)  but I’ll just talk about our game, Borders, an the experience we were hoping for.

Our game has you play as an immigrant trying to cross the border and survive the dangers that come with it. Our goal was to provide a political message and show through the game how difficult it actually is to make this journey. We had a game mechanic that counts every time someone dies and also leaves a pile of bones behind. Our goal was that hopefully enough people would play that it would have a significant amount of dead bodies to further amplify the message. We ended up having around 90 deaths and there was a lot of positive reaction on its narrative. I am happy to say that my first game ever was successful in its goal and I look forward to trying to present this project at other events!

Free to download and play at:




Animania was a local event that took place at 2nd and Charles for the very first time in Beaumont, TX. Our animation Lamar university club officers, Mary Catherine, Grace Chadwick, and I set up a booth selling stickers and prints of Japanese illustrations! We got to meet a lot of new people and got to see some old friends which really made my day. The turn around was a lot better than I expected and was very much worth the time and effort it took to get everything together. I am definitely looking forward to next years Animania, just this time I’ll make sure to make more fan art since that definitely sells more at these kind of events…


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