Study Abroad in Japan: A Life Changing Experience

My first study abroad experience was beyond my expectations. Being able to not visit, but live in Japan as a local has helped me to not only grow as an artist, but as a person. The intense drawing class pushed me to my limits making me able to produce stronger work in half the time I would usually take. Studying everything with all of my senses rather then viewing them through photographs makes a difference that one must experience to understand.

Thanks to all those who supported me with your donations and encouragement. You all made this possible and I cannot wait to start sending out the rewards. So below are some of the pictures for you all to enjoy!(Its all neatly broken up into sections if you dont care to look through it all!)

The flight to the other side

The very very very long ride to japan. Being out in a huge blue abyss really makes you appreciate land..

The Ride to Beppu City

Another 3 hour drive to the beautiful city of hot springs!


Beppu City (The city of hotsprings!)

The city  where the amazing Beppu University lies along side the natural hot springs!

The Hot springs!

The beautiful natural hot springs around Beppu from the hell lake to the mud lake!

Night on the Country side

Spent the night in the beautiful country side and were able to meet back at the university for an interview and farewells to our new friends.

Beppu Roapway to the top of Mt. Tsurumi

Took a roapway to the top of mt. Tsurumi and it was an experience I cannot explain in words… One of the most beautiful exper


Museums, shrines, and parks!


Got to see a beautiful park and a beach right next to the volcano.

Waterfall and Ebino Plateau!

Beautiful waterfall, me in my Yukata, and Ebino Plateau. Nothing like drawing in the mountains.

Working at the studio!

It wasn’t all just fun and games however. 8 hours a day working in a hot and humid studio with no ac,electricity, or immediate water source. Seriously pushed my limits cramming all this work in under 2 weeks, but I have grown so much from this. Had a little pop up art show to finish it all off.


After our trip we flew to Osaka to begin our little solo Journey through the main island of Japan. We went to the Osaka castle, Den-Den Town, and Dontonbori shopping district.


Was one of the most culturally rich places we went to with temples all around you. We went to Fushimi inari shrine, Sanjusangen-do temple, nishiki market, eshibe alley, and a ton of museums!


Finally our last stop I ended up meeting some of the most inspirational people of my artistic career. I was able to meet Hidetaka Miyazaki director of the Dark Souls series as well as meet some of his amazing staff. (Many thanks go to them for helping me out and getting a signature as well as handing Miyazaki my fan art piece of Ludwig directly to him!)At one of the party cities we happened to suprisingly run into the lead artist for Metal Gear Solid 1 and 2. I got to chat with him as well as get some awesome figures and a signature. Last stop was the toughest but I managed to meet with the editor of the Berserk manga series. I didn’t get to meet Kentaro Miura himself, but the editor answered many questions as well as giving Kentaro Miura my artwork! One of the greatest things to have happen. Beyond that we went to a maid cafe, shopped in the anime,figure,and book shops, and watched godzilla the movie in theatres.

Overall my experience in Japan was lifechanging. I learned about an entirely new culture, got to meet and make connections with some of my most influential heroes, and most of all , I have grown into a more independent person. I urge anyone who ever dreams of going to Japan to just find an airbnb in the area, buy your plane ticket, and just go. I will never forget my time in Japan. Thank you for checking this out and hopefully I have inspired someone to pursue their goals.


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