Mexico Trip! The Art, Culture, and Experience!

I am finally back from my trip to Cotija, Michoacan a beautiful little town in Mexico. It has been 7 years since I have visited my family and seeing them again was a great experience. This is my first time visiting as an artist and I really took the time to explore and experience the culture. I am glad to have taken many pictures and I will share some of my favorite ones!

The Trip to Cotija!

I took these pics on the way there while on the plane and on the road. Seeing those moutains really make you feel small…

Cotija Michoacan!

A 360 view of the entire town from up top! What a beautiful vista.

The Church!

The biggest thing in the town! Really beautiful cathedral.

The Streets of Cotija!

The beautiful streets of Cotija where you will find a good time in every corner. Especially at the plaza where there are street vendors everywhere!


The Magallon Artist!

I had the amazing opportunity to meet and talk to Mr. Magallon who is the one and only artist of Cotija! He is an architect and designer who was taughed by his father who is now deceased. Hi father however was an amazing artist as well and he showed me around his fathers house to see all of his artwork! Looking at this artwork was an amazing experience and one I was trully honored to be able to see.


Street Art and Logos!

Popular icons and also original art!

Bootleg stuff!

All the funny bootleg toys and merchandise I was able to find.

Wild and pet animals of Cotija!


Old historical sites and agriculture!

Found a badass flower and got to see some old gothic church!


360 view of the mountains!

All around me I see mountains. Man I miss it.

Weird and cool stuff!

I found a rat missing its head an arms, a huge bug with all of its guts laid out, a kiss on a pole, and an abandoned waterpark.



My wonderful Granparents!


Well thats pretty much all the pictures I took that were of decent quality. Going here was such an amazing experience even though it was short. I learned a lot about my culture and how wonderful it is. This new insight has helped me find new inspiration and I can’t wait to get back to work.



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