UPCOMING EVENT: 3C Comics and individual work at the Montage: South East Texas Art Festival!


Montage Festival Southeast Texas Arts Festival!

Hey guys so 3C Comics will once again for the second year set up booth at the Montage Festival in Beaumont, Tx on Oct. 10 from 12pm-6pm! We will be selling our newest and finest Retro game Zine that includes The Legend of PolloMan and the rest of the groups amazing stories! Also I  will have my individual artwork like my prints that you can check out on my store or website and my new Fear Card series I created over the summer! Also for the rest of the Month they will be on sale for 4$ each or 5 for $15!!

I left a link up top so make sure you check it out and come to this amazing event! It is only $10 dollars at the door or free if you are a kid! Sadly you also have to be under 12 years old.

I’m hoping to see some familiar faces there and if you can’t make it no worries because we will be having our Comic Book show opening later this month! I’ll see you all soon!

Pollo Man Cover Page FINAL Card Showcase Cawky Crow crawling terror faceless website

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