INKtober Day 5 The Anxiety Creature

For INKtober day 6 I bring a monster almost every human being is familiar with. The Anxiety Creature!!

The Anxiety Creature
The Anxiety Creature

I actually had a lot of anxiety while creating this creature because I was running out of time and I have so many deadlines to handle at the moment. Anxiety is something many of us can relate to and it’s something that I sadly get a lot of because of how hard I push myself to meet dozens of deadlines. I also have a hiatal hernia(hernia about the stomach) that causes me to feel like there is this ball of anxiety that stays 24/7. Anxiety gives me a feeling of restlessness that can’t be shaken. A fuzzy tingly feeling like little spiders that seem to scurry in and out of me without pause.

So I realize that these take a little longer than I would like to create and upload. I will continue to create one everyday for art sake, but If I miss a day I’ll definitely make it up. Thank you all who check out this blog and If you like any of these ugly creatures or can relate to them in any way I would really love to hear your story! Thank you guys :)

detail detail 2

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