NEW: The Legend of POLLOMAN Ready for Print!

Today I finally finished the cover page of my new comic and is finally ready to be printed. YEEEEEEEES. The Legend of PolloMan is a Mexican fantasy video game comic I have been working on for quite some time. The two main characters PolloMan and Cuka go through the land of Mezzico defeating creatures based off Mexican folktales and stories! The first creature they encounter is the notorious El Cucuy and later encounter another infamous monster that you will just have to pick up a copy to find out! The comic book will be printed and sold inside of an anthology with some other brilliant stories from local artist I have had the pleasure of meeting.

We all work in a collaborative comic book group called ” 3C COMICS” (you can check us out on tumblr and facebook)and put out at least one anthology every year with this one being video game themed. We will be having an opening show on Oct. 24 at the Victoria House in Beaumont, TX with giant beautiful 22×30 comic pages that were all hand inked that you won’t want to miss! Also we will be participating at the Montage Festival on Oct. 10th in Beaumont, Tx and also Houston Zinefest on Oct. 17th so there is no excuse for not checking it out!!!!

I seriously can’t wait to show this amazing new world I have created and I hope anyone who enjoys Hispanic culture and fantasy video games will be able to appreciate all the wonderful influences I have put into my comic. Stay tuned for the official announcement of all of our events! If you guys have any questions or like what I created please feel free to let me know!

Pollo Man Cover Page FINAL

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