NEW SHORT GRAPHIC NOVELS “Flesh Prison” and “American Farmhouse”

Wow did this semester start of being the busiest of them all! It’s been a while since I’ve done any updates but I have a lot of work to show now! One of the classes I am taking this semester is Graphic Novel and we had two projects to create, a book based on a personal story and an analogy book, both done by collaging different artist work. (Although I threw in some of my own illustrations on the analogy book as you can see.. hehe)

(skip to the images below to check it out if you don’t want to read what its about) There in order just for you!

Flesh Prison is a story about my struggle with health and sanity. Ever since I graduated high school and after a terrible accident, I started developing health issues and some existing issues only got worse. My stomach started turning against me, my ADHD became worse, and it felt like my body was falling apart because so many new issues were uprising. Luckily now I have learned what many of them are and unfortunately, have had to change my everyday lifestyle drastically. I view my body as my worst enemy, a demon, that I can’t separate myself from but only learn to deal with.

For American Farmhouse I wanted to do a dark humorous analogy book about people who just pop babies out without thinking about consequences, Politician’s and their greediness, and how soldiers going to war are as pointless as flies going to a pile a shit.

I will be doing more post from reviewing other artist or talking about work that has influenced me and of course uploading new work! Thank you all who check out my blog and continue to support me with either your words or by buying my work it all means a great deal to me. Feel free to let me know what you think and check out the books below!(pages are in order)

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