There is a good reason I’ve been out of touch on here. I’ve been hard at work on my new comic series based off Mexican and video game culture! After over a 100 hours I have completed two oversized comic panels that are 22×30 each to showcase this wonderful new story in an upcoming show with the rest of the 3C Comic book group in Beaumont, TX!

The Legend of Pollo Man involves a heroic warrior in chicken armor trying to rid evil in the fantasy video game world of Mezzico and his curious partner Cuka the Roach Wizard. Together these two characters take on exciting adventures through Mexican myths, culture, and lore all reimagined with sequences based off of your favorite video games growing up!  From young to old, gamers of any age will be able to appreciate references of their favorite gaming moments beautifully illustrated in a 2-dimensional story.

Below are some sneak peek images of the finished product for all of you to enjoy and get as excited as I am to showcase it this October for the first time! Make sure to come to our TBA opening show to see the full story as I won’t be posting it online anytime soon. These two pages are not all of the last you’ll see of Pollo Man however! I will begin working on a brand new 6 page comic of The Legend of Pollo Man that will continue the story and pit our heroes in a new quest based off of stories and fairy tales that Mexican children and I were told as kids. This will be available for purchase at the show inside the 3c comic anthology! This anthology will have 5 other 6 page comics from other amazing local artist all with a video game theme! Let me know what you think on any of my social media sites(or in person!) about this project! I would love to hear any stories or culture that you would love to see in the upcoming 6-page comic! Thank you all and I hope to see you at the show!

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