hail the sun big cartel

Hey everyone today I want to quickly tell you about an amazing Post-hardcore/Math Rock band that I got the honor to create a T-shirt design for! These guys have been my favorite band since I first heard their EP Elephantitis (which you should listen to right this instance!) and ever since then I have been following these guys up till their latest full length album WAKE which is pretty amazing. Whenever the opportunity came and they were asking for T-shirt designs I definitely didn’t think that they would have chosen mine as one of them!!! It was like a dream come true, designing a T-shirt for my most favorite band! So I hope this inspires you guys to get out there and try as hard as you can to achieve whatever it may be that you want to do because it is very possible. All it takes is a positive attitude and some hard work! Don’t forget to check these guys I promise you will not regret them if you’re a fan of At the Drive in, The Mars Volta, Dance Gavin Dance, Fall of Troy, or any bands that seem similar.

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