Mexican Fantasy Videogame Comic- Details on the Though Process!

I have finally (almost) finished my first panel! Coming up with a Mexican Fantasy Videogame Comic was a lot harder to do than I first believed. I did much research on the town my parents are from, Cotija, Michoacan, and other Mexican traditions or positive stereotypes. I really want this comic to be an homage to the culture I and many other Mexicans and Mexican Americans grew up with. For example, a very popular song to come from Mexico is La Cucaracha which is a song about a roach. So I created a Roach companion to accompany my hero who as of now is still nameless. (possibly Pollo man?) His magical wand if you didn’t realize also happens to be the famous and well-known Mexican mango chile suckers!! Mexico is full of rich culture and I really want to bring it into the public’s hands in the form of what I love most; comics and video games! There are many day of the dead influences as well and also nostalgic video game moments. (Can you spot the videogame easter egg?) Here are some detail shots for you all to see what I have done so far! Feel free to comment with any suggestions of Mexican culture you would like to see!

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