PRESS START: First Look at upcoming Mexican Fantasy Videogame Comic!

So guys it’s been a long time since I posted anything for this but its about time I get to finishing it!(Deadlines oh deadlines) So I am currently working on two big 22×30 sized comic pages that will need to be done  by the end of the month for the 3C comics formal opening! These giant pages along with all of my other peers pages will be pinned up for people to see what we are all about! The theme for mine will be a two page story of a mexican fantasy styled videogame comic(thats a mouthful) featuring my one and only chicken man and his companion Cuka! Yes he is a Roach. Growing up I loved playing video games and I have yet to see a Mexican styled game with monsters and knights and all those awesome things we like to see! So for the next month I will be hard at work on these pages full of updates so stay tuned if you’re interested! Also if you have any suggestions for Mexican influences I should stick in here let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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